2021: I Am With You

Amidst this worldwide disarray we will keep on enjoying his harmony and gifts. God is with you and he will make this exceptionally obvious to you and people around you this year. He will show as he has never been. He will substantiate himself solid and amazing for your benefit. You won’t battle again to show that.

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He will demonstrate that he is as yet your God and has not deserted you all things considered. The entryways that have been closed against you will open at this point. Expectation you heard that well indeed? Imprint it. Record it. New elegance, new capacities, new freedoms are coming out the present circumstance. Is it true that you are not previously seeing them? They will implore you to get the favors. I’m seeing mine. I’m seeing things that I have not experienced before new entryways, new blessing, new leap forward, ‘waters emerging from dry ground’ and so on Things that have been neutralizing you will currently start to work in support of yourself. That ‘thistle in your tissue’, will be taken out. Indeed, it will. Those that questioned or mocked you will come to applaud God with you. Those that abused you will race to apologize to you. Those that have been battling and neutralizing you will come to wipe the slate clean or they will fall before you in view of the degree of greatness and force that is going to be released on you. He will tell the world your relationship with him by his appearance. In any case, for what reason will every one of these occur? Just to console you and furthermore show the world that he is still with you. Simply prepare!

You definitely know the narrative of Jacob. He experienced such a lot of difficulty and dread when God gave him that monstrous heavenly consolation at Bethel. Indeed, there isn’t anything that consoles as hearing from him. It invigorates and harmony amidst preliminary, similar to what the world is going through at this point. It gives expectation and fortitude amidst life fights. The world requirements dire mending right now. Countries, individuals, organizations need desperately God’s touch, love and supernatural occurrences to emerge from this. Valid. Jacob was there: disappointed, apprehensive, damaged, in laments, drained, debilitate, discouraged, forlorn and befuddled when the LORD met and expressed those incredible words to him. He was fleeing from his maddened, deceived senior sibling, whom he just took his inheritance from. Also, more regrettable, he didn’t know precisely the best approach to where he was rushing to. My God! In any case, as he was over-burden with this load of stresses and vulnerabilities, he called upon God. Also, as he nodded off in dissatisfaction, utilizing stone, (hard stone) as pad, the all-powerful talked “… I’m with you, and I will secure you any place you go. One day I will take you back to this land. I won’t leave you until I have completed the process of giving you all that I have guaranteed you.” Gen 28:15. Jesus! Of course, this is perhaps the best guarantee I have found in the book of scriptures. Without fail, I read this I get revived to push on throughout everyday life and in confidence. It gave me the required ‘bearing’ to discover my direction as I was growing up. It has been one of my ‘flag stanzas’ throughout the long term. I’m not astonished that God is again addressing me through this time. Jacob required that such a huge amount to continue on. Furthermore, we additionally need it now. Indeed, presently. As you read this, God is saying that he will be with you through and past this worldwide turmoil. He is with you. He will secure, safeguard and accommodate you until ALL his guarantees for your life happen!

Additionally see what occurred in Egypt during the maladies. None of the obliterations, none of the hails, illnesses contacted the Israelites at Goshen. They caught wind of it, they saw the Egyptians endure it, however it didn’t go to their camp. Goodness! That is the force of heavenly assurance and conservation. Recollect that he said that none of those illnesses and annihilations will contact us! From the primary plague to the rearward in Egypt, none influenced the Israelites. They were supernaturally resistant and safeguarded. Indeed, at the Passover night, as every one of the groups of men and monsters in Egypt were moaning and grieving the demise of their firstborn, the good book said that not so much as a bark of the canine was heard in all of Goshen where the Israelites resided. Force! That is the God that we serve. Presently, as the world is battling and moaning God is likewise delivering exceptional beauty to his kin and the congregation. He will through us bring recuperating, harmony and desire to the world. Jesus Christ stays the lone expectation for the world. Take a gander at Exodus 12:13, “However the blood on your doorposts will fill in as a sign, denoting the houses where you are remaining. At the point when I see the blood, I will disregard you. This plague of death won’t contact you when I strike the place where there is Egypt.” My God! Indeed, it can’t contact us. We are covered. We will sure thrive and prosper amidst this emergency. You definitely realize that Jesus is that sheep that was forfeited for us. Run into him today, promptly for your security and protection. We will proceed. Offer this message to everyone. Cheerful New Year!

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