A Crazy Night in Vegas

It was Sunday afternoon. My friend Kurt and I meet for lunch. We are always discussing our next trip to Las Vegas. Depart on Thursday and return in 3 days.
“This food tastes like shit and the service is terrible,” Kurt said. “Wait for Las Vegas babies, red shrimp, and ribs every night !!”

Kurt was on vacation for a week. And I’ve been in the world all the time. With online poker as your profession, you can set your own time!

“Rent a car and drive there now. You can leave your car in Las Vegas and board the plane!” I said. After a confused look, Kurt says, “OK, let’s do it.” And that was done! Until he did his research, he found that flying was cheaper. We boarded the plane and arrived in Las Vegas around 7 pm.
“It’s crazy. For a week in Las Vegas, we’ll die from alcoholism and lose our home! … Yes, it’s great.” Visit:-¬†Ghost cart vape

We were ready to go after we rented a car, the Chrysler 300 and checked in at our hotel, Venetian. The first amazing event of the night was in our room in Venetian. It was my first time. Kurt opens the door and lowers his mouth, saying, “God, God, this room is insane.” There was a bathroom on the left side. It was full of gold accessories, double sinks, washbasins, separate showers, marble floors and whirlpools. Outside the bathroom there was a separate toilet with a private telephone. Kurt said, “Call me to the changing room, I have to leave the kids in the pool!” A bedroom, two beds with fine linens, wooden hooks and pillows, and a TV. The room was large and had a touch of artwork and gold. Drive past the bed to the sunken lounge. Sofas, chairs, tables, fax machines, additional TVs, and it was a standard room. The cart turns on the TV. And to my surprise, the porn channel was on. “What a mess of free porn” and it was rewarded all week long! Maybe it’s a bug we’ve never found!

After leaving the room, take the 300 to Uncle Alberts Steakhouse. You had better eat big before breaking up. Kurt chose chubby lobster from the tank and I ate steak. It was about 4 inches thick and cooked perfectly. I’m not sure, but I think that was when he started drinking. Some beer. Please take a little more.
After Uncle Ars, we went to a damn hostel. (Bellagio) Our tradition. Go to the damn lodge and bet on the damn horse. They have the best sports books in the world in their homes. Stop the car and go through the front door. Swivel chair and private flat screen TV. You can also bet $ 2 per bet if desired. Or you can bet on the race and have a free drink all night long! And that’s what we did. Kurt drinks Heineken and I drink captain and cola. Give the waitress a tip and she will intoxicate you as you like!

After the shelter, chase and kick 300 carts while waiting for the attendants to return. He really nailed the idiot. I asked him what was wrong. He said: “Pigeons are just winged mice, I hate to F *** pigeons.” “Wow, I didn’t know you were so angry with them.” I We burst into laughter. He asked me if I didn’t like them. I said he had no opinion at all. “Go kick him again so he can take a picture.” He chased him and nailed him again. I also have a great photo on my phone. We were very drunk.
After the Kick Pigeon incident, we had a drink at the Las Vegas Club and went to town to play “Worlds Most Liberal 21”. Another tradition. If you want, you can double it with three cards. Not Vegas, honey. After a few hands and another drink, we headed to the ghost bar when Kurt decided to test the emergency brakes. The only problem was that he didn’t drive, I did. It scared me. He shouts “EMERGENCY” and hits an E-break. The car screams and stops, almost hitting the wall of the parking lot. Most people would have seen how dangerous and stupid it was, but not us. It was a pity that this discovery had to be made on the first day. I can’t count how many “emergency situations” there were during the week. We are almost on the highway.
The ghost bar was crazy. We drank until we were stupid. We literally came across a car. Eventually we left our car in Palms and took a taxi back to the Vegas Club for breakfast. $ 2.99 Steak, eggs, hash browns. Kurt was very rude while we were waiting for food. “Where are my eggs? Why do we eat in this shit hole? Then he asked the waiter if he was spitting our food. “I told him no, but now your ***** does it.” Kurt bows his head and faints. Would you like him to sleep on the floor? He lay down on the floor of the restaurant. The waiter says, “Sir, get up, you have to get up from the floor.” Kurt stayed there, I thought he was dead. I couldn’t stop laughing. They kicked us out hungry!
Return to the room. I ordered room service. Hamburgers and french fries. He kept yelling while Kurt was ordering over the phone: “HOMO ordering in room service.” The woman on the phone was under renovation. I woke up after 30 minutes and had room service bring my car. The cart is lying on the ground. I literally had to kick him out of the way and let his wagon through the door.

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