Android 4.0 – What You Need to Know

It brings a rich set of APIs and holographic themes to smartphones and small screen devices. This addition to the Android series is also targeted at companies that provide software development services.

Mobile game and mobile app developers will benefit from an API framework integrated with a single platform. This is beneficial for both users and developers as it allows you to develop and publish your application with a single APK and provide optimal performance for your users.
Android 4.0 is available on the official website as a downloadable component of the Android SDK for testing the execution of applications under development. Software development service providers have benefited significantly from this Android 4.0 operating system. In addition to the integrated UI toolkit, Android 4.0 has great communication and sharing capabilities.

Android 4.0 adds a new calendar and social API. An Android bundle is available for instant NFC-based sharing. Direct Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth health device profile support features have also been added.

This version provides users with a better lock screen with camera and music control buttons, and the app launcher has also been simplified with a better operating system. In this version, a new media codec has been released. Visit:-

This allows mobile game and mobile app developers to take a step towards adding a variety of new features to their users. It greatly affects the measurement accuracy of the camera and improves the face detection function. With hardware-accelerated 2D drawing, a new grid-based layout, an improved on-screen keyboard, a spell-checking API, pen input support, and better mouse support, you can significantly improve your user experience.
Software development service providers can take advantage of the new and improved APIs included in the SDK by developing impressive mobile games and applications for the new Android 4.0.

Media codecs and quality have been analyzed and improved for the benefit of users and software development service providers. A new accessibility API and a text-to-speech API are also provided for the development of new engines. In terms of the overall performance of this operating system in the Android series, it has become a promising competition for rival iOS 5. Mobile app and mobile game developers also want to share some of the profits this competition has made between the two giants Apple iOS 5 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Earlier this year, Google decided to temporarily withhold the source code for Android 4.0, contrary to what was previously promised. This decision resulted in a series of headlines claiming that Google was open source and withdrew its promise to provide information to developers. So far, the news reports that Google has finally released the source code and fulfilled its promise of being open source.

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