As the Cream of the Crop

William Buckley can tell you from personal experience that entrepreneurial seeds tend to sprout during difficult times. Twenty years ago, Buckley was fired from one of Maine’s largest savings banks due to a merger. After a number of temporary jobs, he discovered Coffee News, a small publication distributed at coffee houses and other eateries. The opportunities for advertising… Continue reading As the Cream of the Crop

Families Who Want Relevant

The truth is the busy world doesn’t leave enough time to filter out commentary and gossip, advertisements or other non-news items in order to see the only headlines that matter. The evening TV news is the worst choice for a lot of families because the content is too unpredictable for kids (and we’re just too tired… Continue reading Families Who Want Relevant

Bad Business News

With its WiFi and 3G web connection The iPhone is a fantastic gadget for staying up to date with the most recent information and the latest news There are 4 best ways to receive the newest information. 1) Sky News App The Sky News App delivers current news and information to your iPhone and iPod… Continue reading Bad Business News

Updates From World Over

Accept it. In an age where news spreads via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook along with other media as fast as fingers can type newspapers are no longer the main source of learning breaking news although some news articles may be classified in this category. The current news articles are more opinionated than they… Continue reading Updates From World Over

News Until You Puke

I’m sure that many of you keep up with the latest events and news that take place every day. If so, why not start following the news in the language that you are striving to master no matter the degree of progress? Actually, watching TV news on a regular basis can help your learning and overall… Continue reading News Until You Puke

Cost Affective Local Marketing

Recently I wrote about problems that small and medium-sized companies face when it comes to implementing an effective online marketing strategy. We pointed out that the toughest problems were usually insurmountable. Owners of small businesses focus on their passions managing their business and keeping their customers satisfied. Furthermore, many owner/operators are also responsible for the direction of marketing… Continue reading Cost Affective Local Marketing

Professional Home Builder

The principal purpose behind developing a contract management system is to enhance financial performance, improve effectiveness of the operations and making sure that there are no risks. The management of contracts involves monitoring and performing contracts. Naturally, this is something your company can’t afford to ignore. With a solid contract management system it is easy to monitor… Continue reading Professional Home Builder

The Best Registry Software of 2009

For certain people, electronic medical records (EMR) electronic health records (EHR) and personal health records (PHR) are all different things. To others, they are all in each other. One thing is for sure – we are living in an age where medicine is irreversibly making technology a essential element of records management, practice management and, ultimately healthcare… Continue reading The Best Registry Software of 2009

Clever Fitness Ideas

It’s easy to believe that fitness is too costly to be a million-dollar industry. It’s not possible to be more wrong. You can get in great shape for very little or no money. Start today! These are some great suggestions. You can take care of your health and fitness while you work. Pack a healthy lunch, including fruits and… Continue reading Clever Fitness Ideas