Cool iPhone Apps That Replace Other Everyday Future of iPhone Apps

Since their first days, cell phones were often used to replace a wristwatch. The glowing faces of phones are also used as flashlights. The advancements in technology on smarter phones is making it possible to let useful iPhone apps to replace more and more gadgets. Let’s review some of those awesome iPhone applications.

As of the beginning of the article I’m not sure if the tone of my article is a look ahead towards the coming generation of awesome iPhone apps or nostalgic for the old-fashioned gadgets slowly withdrawn. This article is me thinking about the specifics, and sharing them with you to assist in making decisions.

Cell phones can serve as flashlights just as I said earlier. Now however, you can find a truly useful iPhone app that does better at creating a flashlight that is more precise and stronger. iTorch is an awesome iPhone application, but it’s only one of the flashlight apps available for your iPhone. Visit:-

Your iTorch shines brightly to guide you through the dark and it features a strobe feature that can draw the attention of a person who is in a room full of people. You don’t need to carry an additional flashlight in your pocket, purse, or keychain when there is better lighting for flash via the iTorch application. Do you think flashlights will disappear in the pre-smartphone age?

The second use of cell phones as a timepiece that is a replacement for wristwatches has phased out wristwatches without even having to use smart phones or cool iPhone apps to turn the tide. I won’t be highlighting any iPhone apps that turn the time into something amazing. Instead, I want to mention a brand new iPhone technology that’s coming just a few years away. The iPod nano can be made into an electronic wristwatch, and soon you will possess an iPhone which you wear around your wrist. It will not only display amazing iPhone applications with incredible capabilities for time-telling, but also acts as your smart phone and many other cool iPhone applications. This is an excellent idea. It’s almost as if wristwatches are moving in a all the way around. Watches that were cheap at first were gone completely thanks to cell phones and now the smart phones are moving back on the wrist.

I admit that I’d have a hard time without my flashlight, therefore the possibility of iTorch as well as other top iPhone apps dropping flashlights is nostalgic for me. I’ve never owned an expensive watch that I loved, so the new iPhone apps that make watches redundant doesn’t bother me and in fact I’m actually looking forward since I’m really hoping to get an electronic wristwatch iPhone as soon as they are available. So at this point in this post, I’m fifty-fifty but the last smart phone item I’ll mention definitely puts me over the top and away from the era of nostalgia.

Cameras are the next big technology smartphones like the iPhone are making progress on. iCamera is an awesome application. Although smart phones are getting better at taking pictures but what if great digital cameras tried to fight back by becoming smartphones? This is the battle of technology which is coming and I’m looking forward to it.

What a wonderful experience to have your iPhone is placed on your wrist as an accurate wristwatch? You could glance over your shoulder to an excellent camera made by an established brand. It has a great lens and is intelligent enough to work seamlessly with your iWristwatch. I see the future of gadgetry that is old-fashioned replacing it with iGadgetry with cool iPhone apps.

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