European Car Travel Insurance Cover

About 12% (12%) of UK drivers travel to European destinations each year, and more than one-third are unaware that car insurance is rarely covered in Europe. They assume they are fully insured to drive in Europe, but what is really happening is the insurance cover for any car that many British insurance companies take abroad. It means downgrading. The law requires that a minimum coverage be provided for control in European countries, but this is usually only from third parties.
There are basically two types of insurance coverage. First, there is a temporary cover, perfect for tourists and short-term visitors. Then there’s more comprehensive coverage, especially for those planning to stay longer in Europe.
Some insurance companies automatically offer the full amount of European car insurance for up to 90 days. This is valid in all EC countries and the driver does not need to notify the insurance company of the planned travel date. It is ideal for vacationers and ideal for short business trips. Visit:-

Other insurance companies will want to know the date of the trip and the duration of the trip in advance. They will also tell you the amount of free European car travel insurance coverage you have and the additional coverage available. Some companies charge a little more for comprehensive insurance, including a European breakdown. One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of returning a car outside the UK can be very high, especially if you don’t have a properly equipped garage to repair the car nearby. ..

For example, auto parts for right-hand drive cars are not widely available in Europe, and the cost of returning a car to the UK can reach hundreds of pounds.
An important document you need to have with you and your insurance company provides to you is a green card, which is no longer a legal requirement when traveling in Europe, but in case of an accident Can make life much easier.

Green cards are internationally recognized and make sure you have a minimum of car insurance. Finally, if you plan to spend more time in mainland Europe and need a long-term insurance policy, it may be worth considering an international car insurance policy. Talk to your insurance company, they can advise you on the policy that best suits your needs.

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