How to Set Up a Blog and Design it to Look Exceptional

So you probably heard a lot about bloggers everywhere. Few people don’t have a blog these days. People are blogging for a variety of reasons. Express yourself, give advice and advice on a particular topic, recognize a particular topic, make money, to name a few. Yes, you heard it correctly, blogs where you can make money, and many people do!

The first step to starting a blog is to set up your own blog. You can set up your blog using WordPress, the most popular blog site, or blogs and bloggers. Both are owned by Google. There are many other small blog sites, but the three I mentioned earlier are the most popular. Setting up a blog is easy and not too difficult. This can be difficult for someone who has never worked with the Internet or computers before, but most blog sites have easy-to-understand explanations and guides. No matter how difficult it is to create a blog for someone, I think it’s really worth it. You have two options for creating a blog. One is to configure it to be hosted by the blog server itself or your server. The only difference is that if your blog is hosted on its own server, you have more freedom in customizing the design and appearance of your blog. Hosting your blog and linking to your site can help you rank your search engines.
These are the steps you need to follow to set up your blog to be hosted by the blog server itself.

1-Go to the blog site where you want to set up your blog. 2-Register and assign a user name and password.

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3-Choose the topic you like the most. These themes are prepared for you and there are many that suit your tastes and blog themes. You can change the theme at any time.
4-Select the head. The heading is an image of the subject. You can insert a photo there, or you can insert any photo related to your blog topic.
5-Select a blog title. This is the headline for your blog. Keep it short and direct. 6-Edit the blog description. Keep it short and use a 10-20 word ad to describe the content of your blog.
7-Select a keyword or label. These are the keywords that people use to find your blog when searching for keywords. Select up to 10 targeted keywords that are relevant to your blog topic. If you want to set your blog to be hosted on your own server, follow these steps:

1-Go to panel c for your host account.
2-Most modern host accounts have a blogging setting with just a few mouse clicks. Usually there are buttons that show things like simple blog settings.
3-Click on it and you will be prompted for your blog name, username and password.
4-Once you’ve set up your blog, you can use your own templates to customize the design and appearance of your blog. You can find a free blog template online, or you can buy it for better quality.
5-Use an FTP client to upload the template to the blog’s theme directory on the same server where you installed the blog.
6-Go to the blog management dashboard on the blog site. Change the blog topic to the topic you just uploaded.
7-Set blog titles, descriptions, and keywords while in the admin panel. Over time, you will find yourself accustomed to adapting and playing your blog design. It will look like your picture. We make more improvements every day and add artistic details here and there. It’s very good because the more you complete your blog, the better it looks and the more you can attract readers. My advice is that if you want to get a good access to the world of blogging, learn a little HTML, customize it using an editor and learn how to manipulate the layout. Believe me, this is not rocket science! Similar to using a word editor, but with an HTML twist, Microsoft FrontPage is recommended. If you’re more confident, try Adobe DreamWeaver. Many website designers use Adobe Dream Weaver to create very engaging and professional websites with as little code knowledge as possible.

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