Keys to Securing Market Intelligence

If you’re in charge of managing financial portfolios or investments, the importance of having industry knowledge and market information can’t be overstated.

Many fund managers, private equity firms, as well as private placement companies, both large and small have in-house expertise or utilize the assistance of industry advisors to provide and augment insight into the markets and players that is not often found though traditional research. Experts from national expertise companies are available to assist analysts and fund managers access this expertise and obtain the information needed to fill in the gapsand enhance their understanding of the industries and companies that they are a part of or want to join.

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Many investment firms also keep an inventory of experts in the industry they can call upon when they need to. This is a valuable and effective strategy. Numerous reputable firms are specialized in specific areas and even geographical regions to offer quick and relevant information to a phone consultation or can be kept for specific periods of time. The company’s data is generally stored in-house to cover the main sectors and markets that are relevant to the company’s investment profile and their clients.

Although there is a lot of information available online however, it is important to conduct extensive research and verify the accuracy of many of it. The sources of most of this information is provided by companies that haven’t actively engaged in these markets. It is usually derived from examination of financial statements and other sources available on the internet. Certain companies also conduct surveys of their industry and generate reports that are readily available for purchase.

Another aspect that influences research online is the timing. Timing is crucial. The earlier you can have the confidence to make informed choices, the greater your chance of being successful.

It is generally better to seek advice from those who have firsthand experience in the business prior to making investment decisions. This can include insights on competitive pressure, leadership in the company price shares, market share, strategic advantages, new products in development, expansion estimates, industry and company exposures, and of course give confidence and verify forecasts and estimates for the future provided by the business.

The ability to know is essential to success in the current economy. Everything you need is available to assist your business and your customers.

Concrete Results offers support and guidance for fund managers, private placement equity, investors and equity traders. This includes markets such as cement, concrete, infrastructure and aggregates. Our vast knowledge base and practical industry experience has proven invaluable to many clients managing global investments within these market spaces.

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