Medical Marijuana Gets a Bad Rap

After decades of infamous and horrifying tactics, medical marijuana has been legalized in 15 states and the District of Columbia. While many other states are considering joining medical marijuana, the federal government is at a standstill and doesn’t know what to do.
Unfortunately, for those who think MMJ can help relieve symptoms or treat chronic pain, permission to use MMJ is only the first step in getting what they need safely.
Not everyone has the same goal

If something like marijuana is legalized, there will inevitably be people trying to take advantage of the new situation for their financial benefit. This is the case when a man in Salem, Oregon was recently arrested for growing and selling marijuana. Faced with six different fees, including sales within 1,000 feet of school, this person grew over 100 plants and distributed them on scales, packing materials, and other tools used.
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Los Angeles lottery

One of the many ways local governments limit the number of pharmacies in the city is the lottery. In Los Angeles, the proposed solution is a lottery that grants 100 dispensing permits. 228 companies were eligible for the lottery and received the documents before the deadline. To date, the exact method of the lottery and when it will take place is unknown. Meanwhile, 228 pharmacies are still in operation. This is far less than the nearly 800 previously in the city, many of which were closed in June 2010.
The purpose is to limit the number of pharmacies and distribute them evenly throughout the city.
What will the future bring? Public opinion is only part of the mystery for medical marijuana buyers. The sale of marijuana, stockpiles, and information is legal in some states, but federal law still prohibits it. This means that they often suffer when they receive the business support they need to truly succeed.
Banks, merchant account providers, and owners are reluctant to do business with people who run pharmacies. Creative programs that claim that the store sells “supplements” or “vitamins” are limited and risky if the essence of the business is discovered. Many pharmacy owners have noticed that their bank and business accounts are closed overnight without the infrastructure to run their business securely.
Part of the problem surrounding medical marijuana and its negative reputation stems from its undefined status and the fact that it remained illegal nationwide until recently. Just as many of the alcohol-related criminal issues disappeared during the re-legalized ban on alcohol use, many of the questions surrounding WMY recipes will evaporate when accepted nationwide.

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