Mexico Retirement at a Lower Price

Why move to Lake Chapala in Mexico? There are several compelling reasons. A relaxing lifestyle in one of the most beautiful lake locations on the continent, stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills, the beautiful nature surrounding it, relaxing walks, biking or ideal along the shores of the lake is. The picturesque traditional Mexican town of Ajijic and Chapala is just one of the reasons why Lake Chapala real estate is ideal for retirement. One of the best things about Lake Chapala is that it is very affordable in terms of both lifestyle and real estate.
Future retirees from the United States and Canada prefer to live in Mexico due to their low cost of living, but Lake Chapala has an established community of retirees from the United States and Canada, excellent services and equipment, and low living costs.
The cost of daily necessities, restaurants, attractions and activities is actually so affordable that the area is also promoted to middle class Mexicans as a cheap destination. On the other hand, many Mexican destinations on the beach are considered to be out of reach of many Mexicans, while providing foreigners with excellent quality of life at an affordable price. (Another great thing that many retirees have commented on living on Lake Chapala is the positive relationship between American and Canadian communities and Mexican residents and visitors.)

This means that retirement savings will last much longer here, as Ahihiku and Chapala are cheap even for Mexican visitors. Retirees first notice their savings in real estate prices compared to both their home country and the rest of Mexico. Home prices in most US and Canadian preferred cities start at $ 250,000, which is usually a “fixer” and needs to be shaped before use. Visit:-
In Chapara you will find a decent home for a comfortable retirement at a price of up to $ 150,000. Of course, the Lake Chapala area offers a fairly expensive home (over $ 800,000) for those who like luxury, but it gives buyers much more luxury for money compared to other places. Means to put in. Very affordable in Ajijic, Chapala and the surrounding towns for daily necessities, health care services and shopping.
Just because the Lake Chapala area is cheap doesn’t mean it’s the second best option. The area has beautiful promenades and lakes, tennis courts, volleyball courts and many other facilities for everyday life. There are also great restaurants and many social clubs already organized here by Americans and Canadians. Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, is just 60 km away. On the Chapara side of the city is the International Airport, which has a variety of direct flights to major destinations in North America. Some of Mexico’s most reliable and state-of-the-art medical services are available in Guadalajara at prices significantly lower than those north of the border. The city is also increasing shopping and attraction opportunities for those who need a break.

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