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In the 1700s, the best way to determine that you were a father was to look closely at your child and then at your father. It can suggest a sufficient coincidence and perhaps a relationship. 100 years later, the eye color turned out to be the father’s identifier. This theory reveals its shortcomings with recent advances in DNA. We now know that eye color is determined by at least six alleles or genetic markers. Advances in the science of DNA have made paternity testing much easier and more affordable in recent years. In states that need to resolve child support and welfare issues, about 200,000 DNA tests are performed each year, but few do their own paternity testing. They are unaware of the simplicity and convenience of family paternity testing.
How Does Home DNA Testing Work?
Paternity testing requires painless samples from potential children and fathers. Even without a sample from the mother, DNA paternity testing results are up to 99.9999% accurate and may be incorrect. Most companies offer free home kits to provide samples, and you need to send the kit to the lab at a reasonable price.
Cheek (cheek) swabs are accepted as an alternative, as many companies recognize the inconvenience of drawing blood from a child for a sample. Gently massage the child’s mouth to remove cells from the cheeks. These cells are sent to the laboratory for analysis. The lab analyzes up to 16 genetic markers for the child and compares them to the estimated father’s markers. Since each of us receives half of the genetic markers from each father, the results of DNA paternity testing remain accurate without the mother’s DNA information. Most labs get results within 10 days and charge about $ 290 for basic paternity testing.
What else can DNA testing do? Visit:-
DNA kits are used to analyze sister relationships, establish relationships between cousins ​​or grandparents, determine twin synonyms (ie, whether twins are siblings or identical), ancestral origins, and ancestors to verify Native Americans. It can also be used to identify. We guarantee parents that they have been discharged with the correct baby, and most importantly, provide legal evidence and are willing to pay a little more for legal evidence. Legal evidence can be used to resolve adoption issues, resolve child support disputes, and provide information about immigration files.
How to choose a DNA lab

Certification is an important part of choosing a lab. The accredited laboratory conducts annual audits and inspections, undergoes internal and external evaluations, and calibrates the equipment to ensure accuracy. Apply for ISO and / or AABB certification. The accredited laboratories have a good reputation and have almost 100% record in proceedings. Look for hidden charges. Some companies charge for the kit and then charge for the result again. When ordering a kit, you also need to make sure that you only buy the results you want. I have a question about privacy. Make sure your identity and intent are kept safe. Enjoy the tranquility

Rest assured that you can answer any question. DNA testing is safe and stress-free. Look for free and informational packages. Then you are on the road to getting the peace of mind you deserve.

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