Rant on Technology

Anyone who knows me knows that I will accept most new technologies, especially everything that makes my life simpler. I use “smartphones” for most of my daily communication. I want to convey information quickly by SMS or email. I also spend a lot of time on my computer. Whether it’s research, blogging, e-commerce, shopping, or browsing, you spend more time a day than you want to admit in front of the screen. Other equipment I use every day includes an all-in-one espresso machine with a built-in grinding machine, an Apple box for watching Netflix, and a digital cable box for TVs. I load all my old CDs into my computer and listen to most of the music for convenience.
Sometimes I draw pictures of people who like modern convenience, but it’s actually a contrasting image. My favorite car is the 1971 Volkswagen pickup. There is no better way to listen to music than vinyl. This weekend reminded me of the fragility and frustration of modern equipment.

The kids wanted to watch a movie last night, but the DVD was always scratched and gave up, so now I’m downloading and renting all the movies. I paid $ 6.00 for an HD download, but it jumped so badly that I could swear it was a DVD (and I did it many times). Then I download another movie that the kids are looking forward to seeing. Of course, I didn’t have the option to rent, so I had to buy it for $ 20.00. Visit:- https://cars-scanner.jp/

I had a buffering problem when I put it in my credit card. ARGHHHHHH! It made me think that the kids had never been to a video store and rented a movie. I remember the day my parents paid Betamax a monthly salary. We went to town once a week and borrowed with a selection of 50 titles. Mom makes popcorn and checks out the latest bands. After the collapse of Betamax, I switched to VHS. I can hardly remember that the tires didn’t move. The only “disadvantage” was that you had to rewind the tire before returning, or you had to pay a fine if you didn’t.

Switching from VHS to DVD or BluRay did not improve performance or reliability. Sure, the image was sharper and I didn’t have to go back, but the DVD player was never held and the DVD was always scratched, as mentioned above. I think we had at least 7 or 8 DVD players, and they eventually died. There are still VHS players over 20 years old, but they still work like charm.
When it comes to digital music, I like the convenience of endless playlists, but I hate the way it takes a month each month to find a way to download the latest software for iTunes. .. I worked! If I, that is, when my computer dies again, I will naturally have no music until I buy a new computer. Speaking of computers, why do they last only about three years now? If you weren’t connected to the internet, I think it would have lasted longer. Most of my computers seem to die in a couple of years due to overtime.

Computers are full of software, malware, spyware, antispyware, viruses and antivirus software, so if you try to do something as simple as formatting a document with a word processor program, you will finally give up. I still remember the Commodore Vic20. It was dumped in the trash (long before I was worried about recycling) probably because I was tired of playing lemonade stands and other games installed on my machine. Currently, I have six computers at home, all connected to the Internet. The oldest computer is a heirloom five years ago. Of course he dies. I spend hours every month working just to play Club Penguin for my very patient daughter.

I still take days to throw it away … I mean it recycles responsibly. I wasted hours cleaning my computer from a mass infection.
Almost every night I sit by the fire (of course fake fire) and listen to old jazz records. There can be annoying scratches on the disc, but compared to iTunes, rearranging the music so that your computer is exposed to another virus is hardly a noticeable inconvenience. In other words, you won’t be able to listen to music unless the problem is resolved. Turntables rarely stop functioning. This is the simplest technique. Rubber bands on several different wheels powered by a small electric motor. When I was a kid, my parents still had the same record player. The white noise of the vinyl needles is a practice for my brain melody, so I enjoy being able to pay more attention when listening to records. The fact that I have to get up and turn over every 5 or 6 songs doesn’t matter to me. Help avoid multitasking.
My coffee pot … oh, the time I wasted to get things right! The only reason I don’t throw it away is that my partner is always looking at me around the machine. I know I’ll erase things someday if I don’t see them! That seemed like a good idea-put a grinder in your coffee machine. The only problem is that if you get stuck in the grinder, you can’t make coffee and you’re stuck. Now I’ve learned how to disassemble and separate animals, but it’s not an easy task. It is estimated that about 20 hours were wasted repairing or shipping the machine for repair. Do you know what I do when I get stuck? Unleashed in a series of well-practiced evil words, when calm down I go to the basement and get an old coffee maker! It’s 15 years old, costs $ 20 and always works. A stylish espresso machine with a built-in Swiss grinder cost over $ 2000.00 and took years to drink coffee with excess cortisol. Before we became a small Swiss coffee machine, we experienced four espresso machines, but eventually died in too many jobs. Why do I stick to these things? Are they really more convenient? Yes, coffee tastes better, but not when mixed with stress hormone cocktails.

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