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People unfamiliar with articles and affiliate marketing often ask me this particular question. They want to know how many articles they need to write first before they start looking at the results. Next, I want to know how many articles I need to write before I can make a lot of money. And, of course, there is no definitive answer. Besides the number of articles, there are two variables that affect success. This means that the quality of the article and the profitability and nature of the niche are important to the success of the affiliate. In this article, I’ll explain how to ensure that these variables are maximized, and try to give you an idea of ​​the effort to write an article to achieve the success I’ve achieved. Choose a good niche and product …
So how do you choose the best niche and product to advertise first? There are a few things to consider that this article doesn’t go into more detail. When it comes to niches, you need something in demand that isn’t too saturated with articles and affiliate reviews and contributes to the creation of high-quality sales above. For your product, you need to choose what you will buy yourself (and for you to know that the sales page works) and you are proud and others What can be sold to. Therefore, it helps to have a good initial knowledge that will make your article useful to your readers. If you can’t write useful content, your article just won’t work. Visit:-
Of course, you can believe that the perfect niche later realized that it was disappointing. As long as I’ve been committed for a few months and written a lot of quality articles, I’m at least giving myself the opportunity to practice my niche. .. I myself had this experience, but it’s very annoying. If you’re not really successful, repeat the process in another niche. You can learn from mistakes along the way, and it feels great when the first sales come in.
The content is king … This idea of ​​quality content is very important and is the second variable in the trio mentioned above. For me, this is the actual determinant of article success and I have to focus on writing very high quality articles from the beginning. This means writing long, detailed guides and reviews that your readers can actually use. It may take some time to write, but it creates an impression of experience and trust between you and your readers.
Of course, these articles are also relevant and need to be resolved in real life. Writing a detailed article with a wealth of information is very good, but if no one needs it, it’s virtually useless. The last consideration I mention here is to make sure you have a pre-sale, especially in the main articles on your website. You can optimize your chances of making affiliate sales by doing this and using resources to force your readers to visit your site.
How many articles do you usually have to write then?
Now let’s move on to the number of articles we need. As I say, this is a very difficult question to answer clearly. Of course, you must first consider the competition in the niche and the demand for information in each article. If no one has written about a particular niche, and in your area, you can only use a few quality articles. Similarly, if your article is very good and is republished and naturally distributed throughout the Internet, traffic will reach you from a variety of sources. Frankly, I had the same success with the 150-article and 30-article campaigns. Success is determined by a number of external factors.
My formula for success …
But with that said, the formulas I followed myself have brought me great success in marketing articles. My goal was to write two high quality articles in the niche every day. Each article contains about 1500 words. This length was likely to be republished on high quality content sites and also helped establish ideas from industry experience. I did this by working in two or three different niches at the same time, avoiding mental fatigue and keeping things a little more interesting. This process can be a daunting task, but you need to continue for a month and a half before checking the progress. If you see traffic to the sales page and some sales, you can continue to start flowing money. of. ..

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