The Impact of Financial Crisis on Marketing

The most common challenge facing marketers in a recession is budget constraints. According to a study that summer at EEC region by direct line communications, a direct marketing company and call center, companies with small marketing budgets dominated in terms of study participants, budgets under 250,000 euros mainly reported in Hungary (89.4%) , Russia (88.6%) and Romania (85.4%). The main budgets, above 1,000eur found in small percentages in Czech (5.4%), Slovakia (4.9%), Poland (4.5%) and Slovenia (4.3%). Marketing budgets suffered in 2009 many changes. In 2009, the main cut in marketing budgets in Russia (28.6%) and Romania (22.7%) were worn, companies that reduce budgets up to 30%. Similar budgets in 2008 are in large percentages in Hungary (44.4%), Slovenia (43.9%) and Poland (43.4%). On the other hand, there are also companies investing in marketing communication, countries such as Russia (19.6%), Poland (19.2%) and Slovenia (16.2%).

This money is spent on 30-70% mainly on the promotion of Internet (use of banners, blogs, social networks, etc.), catalogs, mass marketing (TV, newspapers, radio) and the organization of events and bursaries. Smaller budgets (representing maximum 30% of marketing budgets) are awarded for SMS and mobile marketing, telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail sent. As communication channels, the most widely used Internet (use of banners, blogs, social networks, etc.), e-mail, distribution of catalogs, organization of bills and events.

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At the end, we regard SMS and mobile marketing, e-mail and PR, as less important channels. “It shows that companies are aimed at marketing activities that can be measured to become more effective, but not much, there are still more popular channels such as telemarketing and mobile marketing not much used.

The benefits offered by these channels , not only exist. of direct interaction with clients, but also in the use of a wide variety of services. Therefore, telemarketing is a good tool not only in the increase in sales, but also to try new offers, Market research to measure customer satisfaction. Telemarketing can also be used to generate sales prospects, to establish business meetings or respond to clients who need specific information about a particular product or service, “Lava Grbic, head of direct business development online communication, said. According to the study, companies organize the marketing campaign to increase the number of customers, to improve customer retention and loyalty and maximize existing customers through additional sales. In addition, companies are of the opinion that their databases later use in their communication campaign, to create a better feeling and repositioning for brand / products. For direct marketing companies, as well as direct line Communications, 2009, the continuation of co-operation has been launched in the previous year, but also developed the new projects with large companies, but also with medians. “We realized this year, even greater interest in our services, this meaning for our locally as well as internationally, at the same time offers a growing number of jobs in the Roman labor market,” Leave Grbic. In CEE region, many now talk about subcontracting as a cost-saving benchmark for companies. or Czech is the largest percentage of companies outsourcing direct marketing activities (74.4%), followed by Poland (61.5%) and Romania (36.5). Whether hand, 84.8% of companies are not outsourcing in Hungary, 74.6% in Slovakia, 68.6% in Slovenia and 46.7% in Russia. These companies are not outsourcing direct marketing activities, because they have internal resources to execute these operations or cannot afford it, because they have low budgets communication or do sufficient information on the process of subcontracting, which is and which Type brings benefits. The direct marketing activities are more subcontracted are the latest communication channels, such as Internet promotion (banners, Google AdWords, Blooting, Social Networks), Preparation of Festivals and Events and Marketing Mass (Television, Billboard, newspaper), direct distribution direct mail and catalog. They are outsourced Telemarketing, Email, Email and SMS or Mobile Marketing.

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