Is It Compulsory to Install a Smart Meter?

What is a smart meter?

Smart energy meters provide a digital way for energy consumers to measure gas and electricity readings, which are sent directly to energy suppliers. They serve as a replacement for your existing gas and electricity meters. poxinews

The difference between a traditional meter and a smart meter is that the latter send the data they collect to your energy supplier remotely, which means you don’t need to take manual meter readings.

The benefits

– Because a meter takes accurate readings, this means that your energy bills will be more accurate too.
– You won’t need to take manual energy readings.
– Having accurate energy consumption data on hand allows you to take control of your energy use and improve your energy efficiency and strategic energy management.
– With the meter’s display feature, you’ll have access to real-time updates and be aware of how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it. poxinews

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