How Democrats Could Win the 2022 Elections With a Landslide Victory

In 2001 the republican party had a majority of both houses of congress plus the executive branch and they abused this power by making many anti-terrorism laws that were not consistent with the U.S. Constitution. The republicans lost this trifecta of power in 1953 during the Joseph McCarthy Red Scare stripping the rights of innocent people and the American voter was smart enough not to allow the republican party to have this much power for about 50 years. These laws that strip the rights of every American citizen continue to be extended by both political parties of congress. Although the republican party has engaged in many abuses with these unconstitutional laws, there will be no accountability for the republicans who made these laws until these laws have been repealed and the truth is made public. Democrats can win the 2022 elections with a landslide victory by adjusting the rules of the U.S. Senate and begin repealing these many unconstitutional anti-terrorism laws. The republicans have engaged in egregious abuse to control the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure these laws are never held as ultra vires, which would expose many crimes of the republican party. adzbusiness


The Watergate scandal that revealed executive abuses of warrantless electronic surveillance by U.S. President Richard Nixon in the 1970s led to a landslide victory for the democrats to uphold the Constitution. Joe Biden became a

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