Put Golf’s Greatest Technology in Your Game With a Golf GPS Caddie

Every golfer has been there. You just hit your drive straight down the fairway. You are standing in the fairway thinking birdie. You look around for the nearest yardage marker. Finally you spot one several yards ahead so you pace it off. So now you do the math and figure you have 175 yards to the center of the green and from your prospective it looks like the pin is about 10 yards further about 15 feet from the back edge. You pull your favorite club for 185 yards and take dead aim. You hit it perfect, it looks like it’s right at the pin. You walk after it and wait for it to come down tight to the pin. Oh no, you flew it right over the flag and off the back of the green. You had the wrong yardage to the pin. When you get to your ball, instead of being nestled up tight to the pin, you are laying right next to a beautiful oak tree. You take your drop and now you are hoping for a bogey and not a double bogey cbd products


Or, how about those times when you take dead aim at the pin located on the side of the green, only to slightly mishit it and end up off the side of the green. Then as you approach the green you notice the creek running next to the green that you could not see previously from your prospective. If you had known it was there you would have been aiming for the center of the green and been okay Cannabis News Source

. So what is the solution to these problems. You need to invest in a golf GPS caddie. If you had one in your bag, neither of those previous situation would have happened. With a golf GPS caddie you would have had the exact yardage instead of guessing and making a bad calculation. These devices get your position by satellite and have most courses mapped and in their database. They also show you the landmarks that exist on the hole you are playing, like a creek off the side of the green.

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